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Hand Fans - Custom Shapes Add an Extra Dimension

Rick Cundiff - Jun 13, 2019

Custom hand fans are a great, creative way to advertise your business, commemorate your wedding, support your favorite reality show contestant, or market just about any other message you can imagine. Keep in mind if you're ordering hand fans that the traditional rectangular or round hand fan shapes are far from the only game in town.

Custom shapes are a fun way to create hand fans that represent your wedding, business or other cause. Whether you want the shape of your company logo, a letter o"f the alphabet, the Magic 8 Ball's internal icosahedron, or anything else you can imagine, you can create a fan in that shape.

To be sure, there are plenty of stock shapes you can order, including houses, light bulbs, telephones and flags, for example. Custom shapes go far beyond that. With custom shapes, the sky's the limit. Nearly any shape you can imagine can be turned into a custom shaped hand fan.

Custom shaped fans don't have to break the budget, either. It's possible to order custom shapes in quantity at prices only slightly higher than stock shaped fans.

You can customize your hand fans to show the exact nature of your business. If you own a coffee shop, you can create a custom hand fan in the shape of an espresso cup - or an espresso machine. Dog groomer? Create a fan in the shape of a clipped poodle. Let your imagination run free!

All you have to do is print the business contact information on one or both sides of the fan and you're ready to go. Pass them out at a parade, picnic, or performance on a hot day, and you've given people a welcome respite from the heat, AND placed your contact information right into their hands. What better way to get people to remember your business?

Wedding hand fans have become popular in recent years, and for good reason. They can be used at outdoor weddings for their intended purpose, and as a keepsake of the happy day as well. You can order wedding hand fans in just about any shape - the traditional round or rectangular, shaped like the wedding cake, or virtually anything else you can imagine.

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