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Hand Fan Season Is Anytime!

Rick Cundiff - Jun 13, 2019

 Many people associate hand fans with summer. It's a natural connection, warm weather and fans. But hand fans make a great promotional product at any time of year. Ultimately, any season is hand fan season!

Sure, hand fans are perfect for warm weather events. They're guaranteed to be popular when the weather's warm, especially at outdoor events such as weddings, parades and picnics. But the beauty of hand fans is that they're great for promoting events, causes or people at any time of year.

Quality hand fans are built to cope with just about any season under the sun. A good basswood handle, quality C1S or C2S card stock and professional printing will be a strong, durable product that keeps your message front and center with your target audience.

Hand fans have been used for many years to promote political candidates. As Election Day draws closer, a group of people waving hand fans with a preferred candidate's picture on them is a great way to draw TV cameras and social media posts. Hand fans are an outstanding way to get a candidate's message to the people!

Wedding hand fans also are popular year-round, not just in the traditional spring wedding season. It's easy to understand why. The fans make wonderful keepsakes for the friends and family members who share in the joy of the happy couple's special day.

Churches, synagogues and other religious institutions also make extensive use of hand fans year round. They're a great way to provide congregants with a means to stay cool and comfortable in buildings that may sometimes have inadequate air circulation.

The bottom line is, there's really no bad time for hand fans. They're a versatile way to get a message across to lots of people. Hand fans also are popular and affordable, a winning combination. What could be a better year-round promotional tool?